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Host Dry Carpet Cleaning

The HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System uses only environmentally preferred, Green Seal Certified cleaning products that deep cleans your carpets and textured hard floors quickly, easily and cost effectively.  HOST is a safe and effective green floor cleaning system made from 100% plant-based resources and a little bit of green cleaning chemistry.


Did you know

Host is the MOST CERTIFIED CLEANING SYSTEM IN THE WORLD! Host dry carpet cleaner has 100% plant based ingredients. 4Ever Dry Carpet Cleaning believes in a healthy environment and we bring it to your home to enjoy everyday!



The History of Host Dry Extraction Cleaning System

Racine Industries, Inc., manufacturer of the HOST Dry Extraction Cleaning System located in Racine Wisconsin, began as the Rench Manufacturing Company and was founded by Harry Rench in 1936.  The company was the first in the United States to produce non-resoiling detergents for carpet cleaning, rightfully recognizing that animal based soaps left a residue that contributed to rapid resoiling of the carpet. Over the next 50 years, many innovations were added to the original concept and today HOST Dry Extraction Cleaner is used on all types of flooring from carpet to all types of textured hard floors. Still to this day, Host is the Most certified cleaning system in the world!



Esprit upholstery low moisture soil extraction system

The Esprit system is simply one of the most versatile pieces of cleaning equipment available. Keeping upholstered furnishings at a maximum appearance level has no longer been a source of frustration and disappointment.

This highly portable unit (only 33 lbs.) safely cleans virtually all upholstery fabrics. It can also be used to clean stairways and carpet covered areas, where maneuvering space is limited. It can even be used on fabric-covered walls and partitions, automobiles, recreational vehicles, vans, aircraft and ships or boats.

Truly, the Esprit machine meets upholstered furniture maintenance challenges and requirements in a most professional – and economical way.


 How far do you travel

Generally, we will travel about 30 miles to your location. A fair travel time and a fair fuel charge may be assessed if further distance.